TriSign- Remote access Multi Message Signage

What is Trisign?


  • Trisign is the safety product innovation of 2021, a changeable message sign allowing you to quickly change the sign scheme of a traffic management worksite - designed specifically for temporary traffic management.

  • TriSign is low power and runs off solar and on board battery. No need for a hard wired power supply

  • TriSign is a direct replacement for pole mounted temporary traffic management (TTM) signage for project sites

  • TriSign allows you to have 3 setups available at the push of a button (typically):


    Traffic Guidance Scheme 1 (eg: left lane closed)

    Traffic Guidance Scheme 2 (eg: right lane closed)

  • Trisign is app driven using our custom built Android app and takes around 30 seconds to switch between schemes

  • TriSign is secure, meaning only registered users with the appropriate permission set are able to activate signs / schemes

  • TriSign collects data from all interactions with users including its GPS location, date and time of activation, from what sign to what sign and the user who activated, meaning your record of signage report can be easily populated

  • TriSign is configured through SmartSite, a web app allowing you to add / remove users, create / alter sign groups and permission sets for users / sub contractors on your sites 

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Using TriSign already?
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First Look at Trisign



What is TriSign? Traffic Management safety device for civil construction

What is TriSign? Traffic Management safety device for civil construction

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TriSign Bruce HWY 2021 - Traffic Control safety device

TriSign Bruce HWY 2021 - Traffic Control safety device

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TriSign - Road safety devices for traffic control & civil construction

TriSign - Road safety devices for traffic control & civil construction

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TriSign - Road Safety Traffic Management Device Demo

TriSign - Road Safety Traffic Management Device Demo

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Join the new way for site signage implementation!

Simple To Use

Visual app based activation, easy to understand and select correct signage

Personalized Content

We customise your traffic guidance scheme in our system

Admin Support

For when you need to add or remove workers or move signs around, we have your back.

Why Trisign?

  • Eliminates the risk to workers on foot during sign cover / uncover or install / packup

  • Eliminate risks to pre-warning vehicle operators in high speed zone shoulders unprotected

  • Enables full, documented control over sign scheme changes

  • Android app and web app for remote site monitoring

  • Guarantees more production time on the road every shift


We estimate a conservative 45+ min saving top and bottom of shift on a typical multilane setup


Features & Specs



TriSign utilises an ACMA approved communication module operating on 2.4Ghz and able to achieve a range of 2.5km line of sight.

App communication is through bluetooth to the nearest device or via a TriLink device for your car or office. This allows remote access to the sign scheme from nearby site offices or from in vehicle during initial stages of site setup. 


Power Source

The 12V 7.5Ah on board battery is supported with solar charging allowing for extended on site use with no need for a hard wired power source. Under normal operation, the TriSign can remain powered up with just 1 hour of sunlight daily. 



The TriSign should be considered an IoT (internet of things) device. All signs in range create a mesh network allowing sign change instructions to be sent over a significant distances through other signs to complete the required actions. 


Operating Life

We have tested the sign change mechanism through constant running of the device in controlled conditions, however have also achieved over 13,000,000 rotations on individual signs installed on live works sites that have been constantly rotating. 


Sign Face Options

Sign face formats are recommended to be designed in multi message format, however we can customise sign faces to suit your needs and even include public road safety announcements or other signage as required for any blank faces in the sign scheme.


Installation Types

Designed for permanent installation on project sites, TriSign comes with sign rails top and bottom. We can also design legs or other installation methods for PCBs or guard rail structures should you require. 


Associated Tech

TriSign is the the first device to become part of the SmartSite suite of connected devices. Activation of the TriSigns requires the TriSign app available for Android devices. Management of the devices or your sign schemes is possible through our web app SmartSite.



All users are required to be registered and permissions set for specific signs or groups of signs. 


Optional Extras

  • Signs can be fitted with beacons on 15 minute timers for activation warning / condition change for motorists.

  • TriLink device to extend the range of your site

  • Custom mounting options.

  • Hard wired options for locations that suit this need

  • Solar panel upgrades for shaded areas

Flyover Bridges

Download the app now!

You can download the app now by clicking the app icon below. Setup of your worksite should be complete if you are a customer and you would have received your login details by email.


This app is built for Android. If you are having difficulties installing it, check out our post on allowing apps from unknown sources.  

If you are an administrator, then you can login to SmartSite below to manage your sign networks.

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Not using TriSign yet? Lets discuss your next worksite

Key to a successful implementation is designing with future options in mind. Let us help guide you through setting up your worksite with multiple, flexible TGSs in one scheme.

Thanks for reaching out!

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