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You've heard about TriLight? 
Done your research and know it's the most user friendly & reliable?
Already know that we have local service in WA?
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Know about TriLight and have some more questions?
Call us today: 1300 723 383 

Safetek Solutions is the only approved distribution and service partner of the TriLight in Western Australia and South Australia.

Safetek Solutions developed the TriLight system for our client Outsource1 and continue to support them through manufacture of TriLight sub assemblies in our Brisbane manufacturing facility as well as after sales service and repair in Brisbane and Perth.


Having a great product is only part of our deal with our customers. We have established and continue to grow our branch in Perth to offer quick response times for spares and repairs as well as advice and training for your teams. Safetek Solutions is the only portable traffic light provider based in Perth being able to offer local service and support. 

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