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Sequential LED road flare

Sequential LED road flare

All weather, durable, road safety LED flare. Suitable for use under cones in a taper or on their own out in the open. 


Its a cross between a flare and a beacon - we call it, the Fleacon.


Thanks to upgraded 2.4GHz radio frequency technology and advanced electronic gyro tech, the mutiple LED flash modes of the Fleacon can be easily and automatically syncronised, resulting in an efficient and effective visual warning and guide for motorists through and around your worksite. 


The Fleacon automatically activates the upward facing LEDs or the side LEDs depending on the orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the Fleacon module meaning effective visual warning when flat on the road or stuck to the side of your vehicle or guardrail with the built in magnet.


Changing the flash pattern of all syncronised modules takes place with a single push of a button on any of the modules that are sync'd. 


The Fleacon is the ultimate traffic warning device for Traffic Management, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Maintenance Personnel and security or crowd control personnel.


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Specifications & Functions


  1. Module size: 108x92x30mm 
  2. Rechargable LiIon battery 1200mAh
  3. Flash patterns and battery life:
    • Single flash - 96 hours
    • Double Flash - 60 hours
    • Slow Single Flash - 110 hours
    • Flash & Fade - 80 hours
    • Fast Single Flash - 48 hours
  4. Visibility
    • 360 degrees when side LEDs are activated
    • 180 degrees when using top LEDs
  5. 12 powerful side LEDs, 4 high power top LEDs
  6. Battery status check during startup
  7. Easy to add more Fleacons to a series already in use
  8. Disable all Fleacons in sequence through button press on any module in the sequence
  9. Maximum distance between Fleacons is 15 meters
  10. No limit on the number of Fleacons that can be syncronised
  11.  Automatically activates side or top LEDs depending on which way the Fleacon is held, positioned or installed (you can manually override)
  12. Magnetic base for mounting on vehicles, walls, gates, signs, posts etc
  13. Sturdy case for transport and storage of 6 Fleacons. The case is also the charging station for the Fleacons
  14. Supplied with AC charger (100V-240V AC to 5.5V at 2A) and Car charger 12-24V DC to 5.5V at 2A)


Whats in the box?

  1. 6x Fleacons
  2. AC Charger
  3. Car Charger
  4. Chrging case


Colour Kits available:

  • 6x Amber (Traffic Management & general use)
  • 6x Red (Traffic Management & general use)
  • 6x Blue (Emergency Services)
  • 3x Red & 3x Blue (Emergency Services)



  • Care Instructions

    • The Fleacon is not an under water device, don't submurse it in water.
      • It will tollerate rain, no problems
    • The Fleacon is trafficable (can be driven over), but avoid constant exposure to being run over - it will damage it
    • Do not attempt to open or replace battery
    • Do not dispose of in fire
    • Avoid ongoing exposure to heat in excess of 60 degrees
    • Battery performance will be reduced in constant below 0 degree environments
  • Returns

    100% money back guarantee 

    • Return all components to us in packaging
    • Return undamaged

    Damaged on arrival? 

    • Get in touch, we can sort this out
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